MapGeo Features

Find Important Stuff Fast - Search, Filter, Link

We all want to spend less time looking through search results and more time working with the right data. MapGeo supports advanced search against multiple variables that you can configure. Location-based search and spatial filters let you quickly find and select properties or assets using the map, e.g., all the properties within 500 feet of a proposed water line.


Combine Your Local Maps with Google’s Base Maps

Display your authoritative local maps on a variety of Google Base Maps and aerial imagery to provide context. Overlay multiple map themes using transparency controls to draw inferences. Walk down the street virtually with Google’s Street View; MapGeo combines street-level detail with property data to save your workforce time in the field.


Select Abutting Properties and Create Mailing Lists

For any selected property and distance of your choosing, you can generate an abutters map and property list with just two clicks. From there, you can download the PRC or generate a printable set of mailing labels or abutters report. Because the map selection is interactive, you can add or subtract properties to the list by clicking on the map.


Maximize Flexibility With Custom Data Views

MapGeo Data Views allow your team to build maps for the specific geographic features they want to manage. This could be utility systems, or parks and recreation facilities, or even boat moorings, like the town of Manchester-by-the-Sea. This flexibility makes it possible to apply the power of MapGeo mapping tools to any number of situations or work processes, expanding the potential for data visualization and communication.

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Create A Single Data Gateway for Your Workforce

Combine all of the data your team needs to see for any selected property, including links to scanned documents, drawings, and other database systems. Start with MapGeo to quickly find the data you need or to link to other systems. Provide a self-service information kiosk for businesses and residents.


Leverage the Power of Your Legacy Data

MapGeo integrates with Esri, common map APIs and databases. Use live links, or schedule automatic routine updates to keep map themes and data current. Save time by switching from the currently selected record in MapGeo to open the same record from other business systems. 

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Share Your Data More Efficiently

MapGeo acts as a communication and collaboration platform by facilitating map sharing. The MapGeo Share function creates a URL that captures all of the parameters of the current selections, thematic overlays, base map, and map extent. Your workforce can pass map views among themselves, embed customized map view links into presentations, or save important maps for later retrieval and viewing.