Tyngsborough, Massachusetts MapGeo Website

Location: Tyngsborough, Massachusetts
Population: 12,357
Notable Thematic Layers: Wetland Protection Buffers, Water / Sewer Utilities

With the use of MapGeo, Tyngsborough (MA) created a launching point for GIS analysis. Notably, Tyngsborough’s wetland protection buffers as well as water / sewer utilities are featured on the site. Tyngsborough wanted to give existing and potential potential residents and businesses the tools they need to learn more about the town. 

TyngsboroughGISsiteWith MapGeo, Tyngsborough now has an online resource to search for parcels and find basic ownership data alongside Google Street Views. Residents and businesses can easily markup their maps for identifying site features or proposed sites for development. After each map is created, a shareable URL can be used to share the exact map as created.

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