Town and County of Nantucket Online GIS Maps

Location: Town and County of Nantucket, MA
Population: 11,000
Notable Thematic Layers: NOAA Navigational Chart, Storm Tide Pathways, Eelgrass,Land Conservation

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Nantucket has seen the full evolution of MapGeo from our 1.0 launch to MapGeo 3.0 and beyond. As both a town and a county, Nantucket hosts a wide range of regional mapping layers in their MapGeo instance, often with a nautical focus. MapGeo allows residents and town staff to layer pieces of important data to make decisions faster.

Nantucket has included several unusual layers of data in their MapGeo instance: NOAA navigational charts, storm tide pathways, Eelgrass area (a protected resource), and land conservation. By bringing together these many map themes for ease of use, MapGeo is helping Nantucket remain one of the best preserved islands in the country from a conservation perspective. 

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