Pawtucket, Rhode Island Parcel Information Map

Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Population: 72,000
Notable Thematic Layers: Certified Opportunity Zones, Hurricane Inundation,Train Station Buffer Zones


Pawtucket Rhode Island was able to bring a new, interactive map to its residents and city employees with MapGeo. Pawtucket now has a central hub for tax assessment information, land use, and abutting property data (in addition to parcel records and zoning information).

In 2018, Pawtucket had four economic opportunity zones certified by the U.S.Treasury and wanted to make it easier for the public to parse through data within those zones, which provide tax benefits to investors. Combined with the cities Train Station Buffer Zones layer, the opportunity zone layer can provide powerful information related to transit-oriented development that can meet the needs of town staff and potential investors.

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