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Posted by Applied Geographics on February 20, 2020

West Hartford Mapped from A to Z

Street and basement flooding is no stranger to many cities and towns. Today, in West Hartford, Connecticut, with its hilly terrain, around 10% of the homes experience some level of flooding. But, West Hartford Town Engineer Duane Martin is on the case. “We got a drainage complaint from a resident on Harvest Lane whose basement flooded during a recent rain storm. Using MapGeo we were able to ...

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Posted by Applied Geographics on October 14, 2019

Drone Provides Overhead Eyes During Fire

In the town of Natick, Massachusetts, the GIS Coordinator steps out of city hall and now (with the help of a drone) supports firefighting operations.

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Posted by Jordan Fraczek on March 12, 2019

Opportunity Zones Explained: How to Promote QOZS

Although a federal program, it is the individual obligation of cities and towns with certified opportunity zones to promote and attract investment.

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