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Posted by Applied Geographics on July 29, 2019

North Andover - A Town at Your Fingertips

A “citizens’ hub” that connects “everything” is exactly what IT Director Chris McClure wants to create for the town of North Andover, Massachusetts. He is generating this hub to link diverse concerns - everything from crash incidents, to assessor’s info, to floodplain locations, to dog licenses. Central to his grand plan is MapGeo, the mapping platform ...

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Posted by Applied Geographics on July 17, 2019

Carson City’s Practical and Creative Uses of MapGeo for Information Sharing

Carson City, Nevada, named for the famous western scout Kit Carson, has always understood that people want information pronto. Not only was Carson City a key stop on the Pony Express, it also became the eastern telegraph terminal for a line running from San Francisco. Although the Pony Express and telegraph are history, Carson City remains a pioneer in ...

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